About Me

Hello , I’m a network voice engineer working already in the cisco voice field for nearly 11 years now .

My first company was in the banking sector where I have maintained and deployed all the data connectivity during 15 months.
After , I worked seven years for an Integrator/Service Provider which has permitted me to acquire a lot of  experience as you must handle several customers and help them in their implementations , troubleshooting and day-to-day operations.

After this , I decided to leave the integrator field and to continue my way by working for only one company as I can focus then on one bigger implementation (much devices and more complex infrastructure).
It was the good choice as I’m working on several aspects of the voice fields ( Call Manager , Unity , ICM , Voice Gateway , Cups , CUMA , CER , …) and it is a great thing !!!

I own already my CCVP certification and my next goal is to achieve the CCIE Voice certification . I know that it is not an easy way, this is why I will collect all  needed information even if this info seems very basic, but let’s try it and see what it will bring as experience 🙂 , and if some others have succeeded so why not me ? ( let me think it ) 🙂 lol

Enjoy your visit and I hope to see you soon again .