QoS over VPN Tunnel

To avoid to lose , all the QoS settings when your traffic is encapsulated into a VPN Tunnel , you can use the command qos pre-classify which will copy automatically bits for a packet’s ToS Byte into ToS byte from the tunnel header. With this you can preserve your QoS settings end-to-end even if you are crossing a VPN Tunnel.


NBAR stands for Network Based Application Recognition and can look beyond L3 and L4 information , all the way up to L7 .

Don’t forget also that NBAR relies on CEF enabled.

MQC supported markings

Here are also all supported markings after you have classified your traffic :

  • IP Precendence (set ip precedence <<value>>)
  • DSCP (set ip dscp <<value>>)
  • QoS group (set ip precedence <<value>>)
  • MPLS experimental bits (set mpls experimental <<value>>)
  • Frame Relay DE bit (set fr-de)
  • ATM CLP bit (set atm-clp)
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