Weighted Fair Queuing – WFQ

WFQ is enabled by default on slow-speed interfaces (< 2,048 Mbps).
WFQ allocates a queue for each flow, for as many as 256 flows by default.
WFQ uses IP Precedence values to provide a weighting to Fair Queuing(FQ).

How FQ is different from WFQ ?


Hardware >< Software Queuing

A router has 2 types of queues:

  • A hardware queue
  • A software queue

The hardware queue , which is most of the time the transmit queues (TxQ) , uses FIFO queuing and it is only when the hardware queue is full that the software queue will handle these packets.

So remember that it is only valid when you are experiencing interface congestion (overflow of the hardware queue).

FIFO is also the default mechanism for software queue for higher speed interfaces ( > 2048 Mbps)

Weighted Round Robin Queuing

This queuing mechanism is the same as the Round Robin Queuing but this time ,we are placing a weight on the various queues which will service a different number of bytes or packets from the queues during a round robin cycle .

CQ ( Custom Queuing) is an example of  Weighted Round Robin.

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