Device Pool

A Device Pool is a simple method of configuring the same parameters for a set of devices.Once you assign a device to a Device Pool, it inherits those parameters configured for the Device Pool. The seven mandatory settings are :

  • Call Manager Group
  • Date/Time Group
  • Region
  • Softkey Template
  • SRST Reference
  • MLPP Indication
  • MLPP Preemption

Call Manager Groups

Cisco Call Manager groups can be used to specify a prioritized list of up to three Call Manager with which Cisco IP Phones can register. You assign a Call Manager to a device through a Device Pool

During a failover transition , active calls are preserved and phones will re-register once the existing calls are complete.


You use Regions to specify the codec and the maximum video bandwidth that can be used on calls between devices .

Every device is in one Region, and you assign a device to a Region by specifying a Region within a Device Pool and then assigning a Device Pool to a device

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