H.323 Caller ID on FXS ports

In H.323 , you can play with the caller id (not the case with MGCP , see previous post).
By default,Caller ID is disabled on all FXS ports.
So in order to enable it , you must go under the voice-port and activate it as it is shown in the below config

voice-port 2/0
caller-id enable


In order to your DHCP to give the TFTP address to your phones , the common configuration is to use the option 150 which is the main and the more expanded concept used for providing your TFTP. It can provide an IP Address as well an array of IP Address.

This is also the code which you are using under IOS configurations.

But in some old implementation , you can find also the option 66 to give the TFTP to the phones . Option 66 is different in the meaning that you must provide a server name so you need to have DNS enabled . Also you can only pass one parameter!!!

So don’t be too disturbed if you see this option 🙂

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