By default , a class-map will use the match-all criteria so it will tell that you must match all your conditions in your class-map before to classify the traffic .

If you want classify directly when at least one condition is met then use the criteria match-any.

Unclassified traffic will go in the default class.

QoS Shaping

Shaping can be applied only in the outbound direction and doesn’t discard the traffic exceeding the rate limit automatically. Shaping will bufferize the queue until the bandwidth become available or in last action will drop exceeding packets.

Compared to Policing , shaping preserves the bandwidth and is recommended on lower bandwidth links.

Qos Shaping is also considered as an Traffic Conditioner

QoS Policing

Policing can be used in either the inbound or outbound direction and it discards packets which are exceeding a configured rate limit.

Pay attention to the fact that policing is dropping packets , it can result in retransmissions (TCP acknowledge), so it is better to use policing on higher bandwidth links !!!

Qos Policing is also considered as an Traffic Conditioner

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