MQC supported markings

Here are also all supported markings after you have classified your traffic :

  • IP Precendence (set ip precedence <<value>>)
  • DSCP (set ip dscp <<value>>)
  • QoS group (set ip precedence <<value>>)
  • MPLS experimental bits (set mpls experimental <<value>>)
  • Frame Relay DE bit (set fr-de)
  • ATM CLP bit (set atm-clp)

CoS Layer 2 >< ToS Layer 3

Just as a reminder , CoS marking (Layer 2) doesn’t “survive” to Layer 3 as the route processor will remark it.

It is why the most of the time a Cos to DSCP rewriting policy must be applied on the input direction of the interface.

AutoQoS Activation

Before enabling AutoQoS , take in mind the following pre-requisites :

  • CEF must be enabled as AutoQoS relies on NBAR which is dependant of CEF.
  • No Policy QoS can be attached to the interface
  • The correct bandwidth statement must be set up on the interface
  • An IP address must be configured on an interface if its speed is less than 768 Kbps
  • The interface can’t be in a shutdown mode

You can the ask why IP Address is an mandatory element ?

It is simply because if your speed links is less than 768 Kbps , then AutoQoS will enable Multilink PPP (MLP)

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