GNS3 – Cloud Interface Trunk

After adding some network adaptor (DUB-E100) on my server to make the trunk available for my 3 sites , DOT1Q was not able to work on the config …. Damned I figured out at this point that I could pass my vlan over this link .

After more troubleshooting and thinking, I came to the point to enable ISL instead of DOT1Q , and after this my trunk was really up and useful as it passed now the vlan information ….. woohoo .

Can continue right now on implementation ….


CTI Route Points and Ports – Partition and CSS Approach

Pay attention that normally the order of the partitionins is always L1,L2,L3, D1,D2,D3 , where Lx are the partitions assosiated to the Line model and Dx are the partitions associated to the Device model.

So this order will give you the order/ priority in case of tie-break !

In the case of CTI Route Point or CTI ports , the order is changed by the following D1,D2,D3,L1,L2,L3 …. Please recall this if you are involved in a troubleshooting with these elements !

Windows 7 – Firewall issue with GNS3 routers


When I have connected my routers defined in GNS3 with a cloud pointing to my network card . HQ was able to access my LAN because it shares the same LAN .But in my Frame-Relay WAN , even if  I have all the networks in my routing table , it is impossible for a Branch location to ping something on the real network where you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista machines.

So after some reseach, I have found this interesting note:

Even if it is related to Windows Vista and even if you have some warning , it is applying this little patch. When , you apply under the DOS prompt the following command : netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 enable . It will create depending on your topology  a new rule inside the Firewall “Networking – Echo Request(ICMPv4)”. This rule will be enabled.

In case if you want to revert your manipulation , as the command to revert back present in the previous document is not working , go then top the control center and find the previous created rule or rules and disabled it …

With this patch , you can enable your Windows 7 to icmp request.

Lab Date Booked

Hi ,

I booked my seat for the CCIE Voice Lab in Brussels for the 2th of  November of this year. So it is giving me around 7 months to study the exam…But will make an estimation/deadline  at the 15th July to see if I can stay the date as it is or not.

So now time to study , 31 weeks before the exam.

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